Hi, I'm Marek Sotak.

I'm a maker, founder, building a distributed, asynchronous and calm company.


Current projects that make me happy.

Inline Manual - Digital adoption platform
Create interactive walkthroughs, tooltips, surveys and support articles right in your app. Self-funded - profitable with customers all around the world.
EngageKit - Engage your customers
EngageKit is a customer engagement platform that helps you to engage your customers with product engagement score, gamification, task lists and badges.
Inline Help - AI powered chatbot and support sytem for any website or application
Unlock the future of customer engagement with our AI-powered toolkit. Seamlessly convert your knowledge base into an instant support system, elevating user experience and driving efficiency like never before.
ScreenDust - Effortless Knowledge Base Screenshot Management
Because life's too short to update knowledge base screenshots one by one every time the app changes.
Kairo - Time tracker
Simple and cute time tracking application for asynchronous work.
Stealth product
A product that aims to help with engaging customers.


Thoughts and ideas, bits and pieces, mainly about going remote and building an asynchronous and calm company.

Business aware developers

Give a developer a user story, and you make them run for one sprint. Teach them how the business works, and you have an equal technical partner for the product lifetime.

26 April 2021 | 2 min read | Read More about Business aware developers